The Challenge on Reporting Human Rights

“Journalism, Media, and the Challenge of Human Rights Reporting” outlines the struggles that come with the profession of being a human rights journalist. Investigating the issues that face humanity worldwide will often take a toll on everyone involved, but the importance cannot be overstated. As read on page 113, “the selection and presentation of human rights stories in media coverage influence our perception of the world around us in many ways.” The influence that journalists have in the world of human rights is a responsibility and power that has the possibility of helping countless people across the world. With all that being said, however, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

This article states that some of the problems facing journalists today are “ignorance of what human rights are,” “confusion about where human rights are,” “unawareness of the scope of human rights,” and more. While there is a lot that is going well with human rights journalism, there is still a lot of room for improvement. There are organizations, however, that are attempting to work to improve this situation. Human rights journalism is being focused on now more than ever in an attempt to change the face of human rights reporting for the better.

One of the biggest problems that this article associates with human rights reporting is the general lack of knowledge surrounding the subject. Modern slavery is being reported on but not as much as it could be. There are those out there that are working simply to bring light to the issue and increase the knowledge base of the general population, which is helpful not only to the public, but also to the reporters attempting to cover the topic. While the problem of reporting on human rights still exists, the effort to improve it is growing stronger.


A chart from the World Economic Forum used in the efforts to increase awareness of modern slavery.


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