“Free the Slaves” Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism comes in many forms. It can be anything from a passerby with a phone camera documenting the day’s events to a reporter spending every day delving into a subject that they passionately follow. The latter is how the organization “Free the Slaves” operates. A non profit organization focused on ending all facets of modern slavery, “Free the Slaves” works through donations, volunteer work, and news releases to spread awareness and improve the state of human enslavement across the world. While they aren’t considered a news organization on par with something like the New York Times, they focus a lot of their energy on their blog, which accounts for most of the news pieces they provide.

The extensive staff works on updating their blog frequently to spread awareness of their mission. Many of the reporters, such as Terry Fitzpatrick, are those that spend their time tirelessly working for “Free the Slaves.” His articles focus on how to help, the presidential campaign, and ways to fight human trafficking. Fitzpatrick is just one example of the journalists that work for the “Free the Slaves” blog. He doesn’t work for any large corporation but spends his time following a cause that he feels passionately about and his other colleagues do the same on a daily basis. Because he only focuses on the specific topic of modern slavery, his work is able to delve deeply into the subject matter and be as engaging as it is factual.


Some of the statistics facing modern slavery across the world, from http://www.freetheslaves.net.


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